Watercress is quickly becoming the darling of the superfood group. Between its nutritional superiority (garnering a perfect 1000 on the ANDI scale) and numerous studies showing that it helps prevent cancer, this unassuming member of the cruciferous clan has really started to make a name for itself. As a result, consumers are starting to clamor for watercress! The trouble is, grocery stores haven’t been quick to respond to the growing demand because produce managers are typically slow to take a chance on something they’re not 100% sure their customers will buy – and that’s where you come in!

From now until our coffers hold out, we’re offering $25 gift cards to anyone who successfully introduces watercress to their local grocery store – or a $250 gift card if your local grocery is a chain of 10 or more stores! All you have to do is ask the produce manager to start stocking watercress and if they grant your request, you win!*

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*B&W Quality Growers will first confirm that the store is currently not a customer or selling B&W watercress. We will then contact the store directly to follow-up with additional information, delivery options, and samples. As soon as we begin shipping them B&W watercress, we will send you a gift card for $25.00 for a single store, or up to $250.00 for helping us add a new chain of retail stores (minimum 4 stores). Limit one per person.

Total rewards limited to $2,000. Not available where restricted by law. For a complete set of rules, regulations and requirements e-mail to info@watercress.com.

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